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In the quest to address the environmental impact of textile waste and promote sustainability in the fashion industry, thermomechanical recycling emerges as a beacon of innovation. Thermomechanical recycling process combines the effects of heat and mechanical action, and presents a novel way to repurpose textile waste, transforming it into valuable new materials. The significance of this approach lies in its ability to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with textile production and disposal.

Moreover, this process minimizes the reliance on virgin resources, curtailing the carbon footprint and water usage associated with textile production. It embodies a closed-loop approach, aligning with the principles of the circular economy and paving the way towards a more sustainable and responsible textile industry. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also opens up new markets and job opportunities in the green economy.

The path to implementing thermomechanical recycling on a global scale, however, is fraught with challenges, including technological limitations, the need for improved waste collection and sorting systems, and the requirement for significant investment in infrastructure and research. Despite these hurdles, the potential rewards of thermomechanical textile recycling make it a vital area of focus for researchers, industry stakeholders, and policymakers alike.

Join us to uncover the transformative potential of thermomechanical textile recycling—a key to unlocking a sustainable future in textile manufacturing.

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This is an official World Circular Economy Forum Side Event.


March 28
11h00 - 12h00
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